Allen Nie

PhD Student

Stanford University

About Me

I am a CS PhD student in at Stanford University. I am a part of Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (SAIL). Previously, I earned my master of science degree in Symbolic Systems Program at Stanford University, where my collaborators include Noah Goodman, James Zou, Dan Jurafsky. In 2019, I have rotated with Chris Piech (Fall 19’), Chris Potts (Winter 20’), and Emma Brunskill (Spring 20’).

Currently, I am co-advised by Emma Brunskill and Chris Piech, focusing on developing algorithms that supports human decision making.

As an effort to increase diversity in the field of AI/Tech, I mentor students from the underrepresented group.

I’m constantly working on new projects and seeking to connect with people! Drop me an email if you want to talk about research or academic/industry life!

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  • 2022 Winter: CS234 Reinforcement Learning
  • 2018 Spring: CS224U Natural Language Understanding
  • 2017 Spring: CS224S Spoken Language Processing
  • 2016 Winter: CS224N Natural Language Processing

Community Service

  • ICML 2022 Reviewer
  • ICLR 2022 Reviewer
  • NeurIPS 2021 Reviewer