A Generative Model of Discourse

Short Preface

There has been a lot interests on sentence representation learning, similar to the explosion of word embedding.

Based on my limited education in linguistics, I do not believe linguistis have an agreed upon and exhaustive set of “properties” that a sentence representation1...

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A Tutorial on Torchtext

About 2-3 months ago, I encountered this library: Torchtext. I nonchalantly scanned through the README file and realize I have no idea how to use it or what kind of problem is it solving. I moved on.

Last week, there was a paper deadline, and I was tasked to...

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A Collection of Numpy Tricks

Numpy Array overrides many operations, so deciphering them could be uneasy. Here are a collection of what I would consider tricky/handy moments from Numpy.

Trick 1: Collection1 == Collection2

The == in Numpy, when applied to two collections mean element-wise comparison, and the returned result is an...

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Understand Numpy Reshape, Transpose, and Theano Dimshuffle

When you work with Numpy, you work with multidimensional arrays (or tensors). I have to admit such concept was not too easy for me to grasp in the beginning, but after some delibration, it became relatively easy. This post uses the term tensor/multidimensional array interchangeably.

for a tensor of shape...

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